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Gaming PC VS Gaming Laptop Which one to choose

If you are a fan of video games you should consider very carefully what type of computer to choose, whether a PC or a Laptop, since the quality of the game will depend on which one you choose. Many times it is difficult to know which is better, but with the comparison of PC vs. gaming Laptop, you will be able to know which one is best for you.

For this reason, today we want to show you which one is best for you to play your favorite video games so that you will enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest.

PC VS Gaming Laptop Comparison

There are big differences between a PC and a laptop, especially when it comes to choosing the best one to play your favorite games. So you must pay attention to all the characteristics that each one has. That is why today we bring you the comparison between these two computers, PC and gaming Laptop.

Knowing the advantages it provides you and the performance is also very important since the computer has to have a certain power and capacity if it is going to be used to play video games.

Gaming PC VS Gaming Laptop

Without a doubt, opting for a gaming PC is the best choice, since this device has many advantages, unlike a gaming laptop. In addition, towers are cheaper than laptops, apart from the fact that they offer a much greater improvement capacity than laptops.

Therefore, the gaming PC has many advantages such as:

The price

Gaming PCs are much cheaper than laptops, but this will also depend on the components you must add to your PC. So this option may be cheaper, but this price may vary depending on the accessories you must purchase to obtain a great gaming experience.

Considering the long-term cost of a PC, this is the best option as they perform better and are much more durable than a laptop. Which often fail in a short period.

So if you want to make a good long-term investment, the best option is to purchase a gaming PC.

Improvement Capacity

This is another of the great advantages that a gaming PC has since this option is characterized by its ability to improve. There will indeed be some limitations, but most PCs allow the user to make the best ones they see fit. So they can change the RAM, the CPU, and even the hard drives.

This is very important since games take up a lot of space and in many cases, it is necessary to modify this to obtain greater capacity for video games. So in this case you will not have to change the entire PC, it will be enough to replace the necessary part.

Ventilation and cooling

A PC offers better ventilation and cooling, unlike laptops. So it is easier for air to circulate inside them due to their size. This allows you to decide how many cooling fans your PC can have. So thanks to this you will get a better gaming experience.


PCs have better performance compared to laptops, so this can improve the quality of the game and the user experience. So thanks to better ventilation and cooling of the PC, you will be able to obtain greater performance in video games.

But just as it has advantages, this choice has a great disadvantage like the one I mention below:


The mobility of your PC will be more complicated since it is a larger device, and not everything is integrated into a single device, this makes it difficult to take your gaming PC with you.

So moving your PC will be more complicated, unlike a gaming laptop. Another aspect to keep in mind is that being a device that has more components, it will take up even more space in your home, so if you care about space, this may not be a good choice for playing and even more so if you would like to. Being able to take the gaming experience with you anywhere.

Gaming Laptop vs. gaming PC

The idea of ​​choosing a gaming laptop is ideal since all you have to do is purchase the computer and everything you need to enjoy an incredible experience is already integrated into it. So you won’t have to invest in purchasing more separate accessories. That is why we are going to know the comparison of the PC and gaming Laptop.


Without a doubt, choosing a laptop is great since you can take your laptop with you wherever you want, so you can enjoy your video games wherever you are. So this is a great advantage over a gaming PC.

All you have to do is buy a backpack or bag where you can carry it, and that’s it, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Plug and Play Device

This means that the laptop has everything integrated from the camera, monitor, sound, etc. So it is easy to get started, and anyone who chooses to choose a gaming laptop will have everything integrated into a single device.

But even though everything comes integrated, many players choose to purchase headsets, mice, etc. to improve the performance of the laptop.

The disadvantages of a gaming laptop are:

The price

A gaming laptop is more expensive than a PC, so in this regard, it is better to opt for a gaming PC. The costs of purchasing a gaming laptop are because there are very modern models, which have thinner screens, and are less weight, and this makes their price rise a lot.

Furthermore, if we add that you purchase other complementary elements such as the headphones, the mouse, or the keyboard itself. All this further increases the budget to purchase a gaming laptop .

So if you take into account the long-term cost, laptops have a higher price as they have some limited options, be it upgrades or repairs. You won’t be able to replace its parts easily or do anything to improve it.

Component Upgrade and Repair Limitation

This is another of the disadvantages of purchasing a gaming laptop since very limited improvements are offered for these devices. You can improve the RAM or storage capacity, but there are parts that you cannot replace, such as the CPU, since this is integrated into the motherboard.

Furthermore, it is very complicated to disassemble a laptop, so the possibility of improvement is very low. Finally, if this device is damaged and any part has to be replaced, it is very complicated since everything is integrated, making it difficult to repair the damage to the gaming laptop.

So if at any time the laptop’s CPU or GPU fails, you will most likely have to replace your laptop with a new one, which implies a greater investment, which is a great disadvantage if you purchase a gaming laptop.


As you can see, the advantages of a PC are greater than those of a gaming laptop, so you decide to choose the best option to play your video games. Without a doubt, the best option is a PC, but if what you are interested in is being able to take your gaming media with you, the best choice will be to purchase a laptop.

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