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x One S in 2024 Its Evolution and Relevance in the Era of Video Game Consoles

The video game industry has experienced constant and significant growth over the years, and video game consoles have been a fundamental part of this phenomenon. One of the most notable consoles in the last decade has been Microsoft’s Xbox One S.

In this article, we will analyze the current status of the Xbox One S in the year 2024, exploring its technical specifications, features, advantages and disadvantages, maintenance, compatibility, and user ratings. In the end, we’ll come to some conclusions about the role this console continues to play in the gaming community.

Technical specifications

The Xbox One S in 2024 still offers a respectable set of technical specifications. The console features an 8-core Jaguar processor and a custom 1.4 teraflops GPU, providing solid performance for most games. However, compared to newer consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X or Sony’s PlayStation 5, the Xbox One S falls behind in terms of raw power.


The Xbox One S has maintained many of the features that made it attractive from the beginning. It offers the possibility of playing movies and series in 4K Ultra HD quality, making it a versatile entertainment center. Additionally, it continues to support a wide variety of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, meaning players have access to an extensive library of titles.


  • Affordable Price: The Xbox One S is typically more affordable than next-gen consoles, making it accessible to a wider audience.
  • 4K Content Playback: The ability to play 4K Ultra HD content is a plus for those looking for a high-quality entertainment experience.
  • Compatibility with Old Games: Backwards compatibility with games from previous generations is a plus for lovers of classic games.


  • Limited Performance: Compared to newer consoles, the Xbox One S has limited performance, which can impact gameplay on demanding titles.
  • Lack of Exclusives: Microsoft has been focusing its efforts on the Xbox Series X, which means there are fewer exclusive games available for the Xbox One S.
  • Fierce Competition: Competition in the console market is intense, with more powerful and attractive hardware options available.


Maintenance of the Xbox One S is relatively simple. Users should make sure to keep dust away from the ventilation openings to prevent overheating. Additionally, it is important to keep software and drivers up to date to ensure optimal performance. Overall, the Xbox One S does not require intensive maintenance, making it a convenient option for casual gamers.


One of the notable advantages of the Xbox One S is its compatibility with a wide variety of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. This means that gamers can enjoy older titles on a more modern platform. However, it’s worth mentioning that support for next-gen games may be limited, as the Xbox One S’s hardware isn’t as powerful as more recent consoles.

User Ratings

User opinions on the Xbox One S in 2024 are mixed. Many praise its affordability and ability to play 4K content. However, some point out that its performance in more demanding games leaves much to be desired compared to new-generation consoles. The lack of exclusive titles has also been a point of criticism, with some players feeling like they are missing out on unique experiences.


In conclusion, Microsoft’s Xbox One S still has its place in the gaming community in 2024, especially for those looking for a more affordable option and who prioritize 4K content playback. Its compatibility with previous generation games makes it attractive to those who want to relive classic titles. However, it is not the ideal option for those looking for performance and the most advanced gaming experiences, as new generation consoles offer superior performance and a library of more exclusive games.

Ultimately, the choice to purchase an Xbox S in 2024 will depend on individual preferences and gamer priorities. If you’re willing to compromise on power and exclusivity in exchange for a lower price and a large library of games, the Xbox S is still a viable option in the world of video game consoles.

Xbox S FAQ

What is the Xbox S?

The Xbox S is a video game console manufactured by Microsoft. It’s an upgraded version of the original Xbox One, released in 2016, and offers features like 4K content playback and a more compact form factor.

What are the technical specifications of the Xbox S?

Technical specifications include an 8-core Jaguar processor, a custom 1.4 teraflops GPU, 8GB of RAM, and hard drive storage options. You can check the review above for more details.

What games can I play on the Xbox S?

The Xbox S is compatible with a wide variety of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. However, please note that not all Xbox S games support 4K playback.

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